Marzena Bonar

5 Mistakes Trade And Construction Companies Make Around Profitability

We go into business because we want to serve others and because we want our business to serve us and our lifestyle. To ensure that we have a business that supports us financially it needs to be profitable, there is no way around it. There are 5 common mistakes trade and construction business owners make that deprive them of profit and a lifestyle they dreamed of when they started their… Read More »5 Mistakes Trade And Construction Companies Make Around Profitability

How to regain control of your business

Whether you want to grow your business or you are happy with the current revenue of your business, most likely you will like the idea of having some degree of control and certainty about your business finances. After all, your business is there to serve you; you shouldn’t be a slave to it. So, how do you regain that much needed control? There are three essential tools all businesses must… Read More »How to regain control of your business

Creating new habits and positive changes in business

Human beings are often described as creatures of habit, but the truth is, behaviour change is hard. As busy people, making a change either means cramming something else into our days, or replacing something that we’re used to doing. Neither option is especially easy, but with planning, making a change is possible.  Whether you are trying to start a new exercise habit or introduce a new process at work. Here… Read More »Creating new habits and positive changes in business

Where is my profit?

Have you ever wondered why your bank account balance doesn’t reflect the profit your accountant told you you’ve made? Are you improving your profits but not seeing an improvement in your bank balance? Profit vs cash There’s a massive difference between profit and cash. Let’s explore the differences to make a better plan to increase both. 1. Sales Profit increases when you increase sales; cash increases when you collect the… Read More »Where is my profit?

Finding the balance

Looking for a little more work-life balance? Sometimes it seems impossible when you are in the thick of it. The following ideas might help provide some light at the end of the tunnel. Prioritise – Work often dictates to us, rather than the other way around. Create a list of all the things that need doing and categorise them. For example, work out the tasks that are ‘important but not urgent’… Read More »Finding the balance